Final Reflection

Unlike any other course I took in this university, I learned a lot of different things in this course. Things that would not only be useful for doing my assignments, but things that I would use in my academic life, my social life, and my career.

WordPress was a very useful tool this semester, as it combined all our assignments into one website that can easily be accessible. Before this course, I was not very fond of writing in general or was I comfortable in writing essays or reflections as I always though they would take too much time and effort. I also had no idea that this course was all about reflections. However at the end of this course, I realized that reflections are actually pretty simple and that I was making a big deal out of nothing. Also, with the amount of practice I had this whole semester, and with writing reflections nearly every week, I believe I am now confident enough to not have difficulty in writing anymore. Furthermore, I was never actually a big fan of articles or reading in general as I always get bored in the middle or I find that the language gets pretty complicated and that I would have to look up many words so I can understand one sentence. Therefore I would almost always avoid reading and would let any of my collegues briefly summarize them for me. But for some reason I decided to read the articles at the beginning of this semester and as I read more articles, I became more interested in reading then I ever was. Probably the main reason why I became very interested in reading the articles in this course was because they were about topics that I could relate to such as social media. Articles such as “Your mobile apps are tracking you” and “Understand the issue” tackled some pretty interesting issues that made me more aware of the dangers I was facing in my social life. After testing my digital literacy with the digital confidence profile, i learned that I have more knowledge about technology than I thought, especially after being confident in the teaching abd learning section. This result encouraged me to dig deeper into the world of technology as I found myself comfortable enough to getting most out of the digital resources we used in this course. Regarding my career, I found Slack to be a very useful application in terms of communicating with others. Later in my career, if I end up in a place where I look over some employees, I would definitely use Slack as a better way than WhatsApp to communicate with them.

If I were to show someone what I learned in this course, I would definitely show them my different reflections on my WordPress and how I improved after every reflection. I would also show them these reflections as they include very interesting articles and videos that would be an eye opener for many people. I would also use this blogpost “Digital Narratives Reflection” to encourage people to play the digital narrative games mentioned in it as they include sensitive topics such as the effects of natural disasters and the Syrian refugee crisis. I would also show them my progress during the digital narrative game that my partner and I created as it tackled a very important issue that would help raise their awareness on it.

Suggesting changes to this course is a difficult task as this course is definitely one with the least need for improvement. I guess I would replace the articles that we read throughout the semester with more videos as it would be more interesting for many students. I would also ask my students to write fewer reflections and replace these assignments with more engaging ones as too many reflections can become quite boring.

I think the kind of person that should take this course is a person who is not afraid to express their thoughts and engage in class activities as classes are much more engaging than most classes in this university. Also, because Soliya is all about communicating with people from all around the world, then people who are shy would not enjoy this part of the course.

What I really liked about this course is the freedom we have in doing some of our assignments. For example we were asked to chose out digital literacy pathway that included either articles to read or games to play and reflect on. I believe this is a great way so that one can do whatever assignment they like and do a pretty good job in it. In some assignments we were also asked to either watch videos or read articles which I really appreciated as I am the kind that does not like reading that much.

All in all, I guess I’m really lucky I chose this course as it is an experience I will not forget. I also encourage everyone to take it as it would broaden their learning in different ways without having to stress about being tested on them.

One thought on “Final Reflection

  1. so happy to read that you feel the writing practice helped you become more confident with your writing – and you’re right, the reflections should not have been too stressful, but I’m thinking of ways of making it feel like a lighter load next semester inshallah!


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