Digital Narratives Reflection


This game is obviously created to make one realize that it is not easy to be living with an unsteady job, while taking care of a house and a child. At the end of the game, i felt great sympathy towards these people as this game has tried to put me in their shoes. This game has taught me that i will have to bare consequences of every decision i make, whether it effects my money or the thing that i choose to cut off on. This game can be improved by extending the game to be played over a longer period of time to give a clearer picture.

‘Syrian Journey: Choose your own escape route’:

Playing this game, i felt heartbroken for the Syrian refugees and as it is based on real research, i got to have a glimpse of just how bad the situation is. I also felt very helpless as every decision i had to make, did not have a pretty good ending. Every stop in the game was designed to choose between two impossible routes that would result in horrible outcomes. I think what the game is missing is to give a little bit of hope to the player by mentioning what they can do to help at the end.

Game on ‘Responsible Partying’:

I particularly liked this game as it tried to place me in a realistic situation. What i liked the most was the different issues integrated in the game, with a video that clearly tackles each one. I was glad that someone has put in the effort to smoothly integrate such major issues in a situation that anyone can relate to. There is nothing i learned that i did not know already. However, i was reminded of the problems affecting our community and how binge drinking and rape bare sever consequences. One thing that could have been done to improve this game and make it seem less like a powerpoint presentation, was to add background music and more relatable background pictures for every slide.

Project Honduras:

I felt this game was quite simple to play, but sends a clear message. I felt glad helping all these people, even though it was a game, because i have studied climate change and i have knowledge of its horrible effects. Although the game ended quickly, i still wanted to complete it as it made me feel somehow satisfied that i got to help these people. What i learned is that countries who face the dangers of climate change need as much help as possible, as volunteers in the game were always not enough to help everyone in need. A way this game can be upgraded is by showing the effect on of those people who were not helped at the end of each level to send a clearer message of just how bad of a situation these people are in.

Being Under the Influence:

Because of how realistic this game is, it was a very engaging experience for me. I learned that a choice that may seem not dangerous to me now, can in fact have sever consequences later. What also caught my attention were the alarming figures in the statistical information at the final slide. These numbers made me realize that more people suffer sever ramifications due to their use of these substances. Something that would help upgrade this game is to add some videos and to choose a different platform than powerpoint.

Know Yourself:

This game was was the most challenging of them all. Although it is simple, its content is surprisingly indulging. I personally do not like to be challenged for stating my opinion, especially in such a sensitive matter of being judgmental, however i found it pretty interesting that some of the choice i’ve made resulted in me being judgmental. Although i did not agree with some of the challenges made against me, others made absolute sense. I believe this game could be modified if the questions were shorter and straight to the point.

Overall, all six games successfully managed to send a clear message to the player. To further clarify, the games ‘Responsible Partying’ and ‘Being Under the Influence’ sent a message emphasizing on the fact that every decision we tend to make has, in a way, a consequence that we have to deal with. The game ‘Know Yourself’ delivered the idea that sometimes one can be unawarely judgmental and showed us how not to be that person. Project Honduras’s undoubtedly highlighted the major problem our community faces, which is climate change, and what we can do to help. Spent has displayed the hindrances one has to face when living alone, along with showing a clear idea of what people do to tackle poverty and homelessness. Finally, ‘Syrian Journey’ managed to convey the immigrant voices of Syria by playing a survival game that is basically impossible to survive in.

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